Thinking of Free Web Hosting? Buyer Beware

Thinking of Free Web Hosting? Buyer Beware

Thinking of Free Web Hosting? Buyer Beware

The internet is teaming with firms offering free domain hosting, even for a self-hosted WordPress blog. It makes you wonder if there’s a catch because not everyone is using a free website. So here’s a look at what you probably don’t know about free domain hosting.

Not Actually Free

When you sign up for a free website service, you may find that it’s not really free. After some time, the host company may start asking you to pay a fee because the offer was actually for a limited trial. And in most cases, the price will turn out to be higher than standard WordPress hosting offers. Also, if you used your credit card when signing up for a trial, you may be charged in future without being given any warning.

Hidden Costs of a Free Website

Companies that offer free websites still have to generate income. To do that, they will charge their customers for extra services such as email accounts, image hosting, FTP access, and website transfer among others. And charges for these additional services are usually ridiculously high.

Annoying Pop-up Ads

A free website service is normally supported through advertisements. Even after creating content and building your website, the host company will receive payment for the adverts. And in most cases, these adverts are intrusive, annoying, and look hideous. So unless you like pop-up ads, avoid offers for free domain hosting.

Shared Servers

For a company to be able to offer free servers, it means sharing it between thousands of sites. A bug or an unexpected crash on one of these sites can affect your site too. And when this happens, your site will remain offline until the issue is fixed, which may take hours.

No technical Support

You should not expect any technical support if you subscribe to a free domain hosting service. If you’re stuck, need assistance with updates, or your site has crashed, you won’t receive any technical assistance. Since the service is free, the host company isn’t obligated to provide technical support.

Poor Security

Free domain services often feature poor security, which can leave your site vulnerable to hacking and malware distribution. And if someone hacks your site, it’s extremely difficult to recover it because you have restricted access to your data and files.

Limited Features

Your free account will often lack features such as software scripts, one-click auto installers, SMTP email, root directory access, and other basic features that are available with cheap hosting. You will also have limited bandwidth and speed.

In conclusion, choosing free domain hosting means that you won’t have the main domain name, and you will be offered a subdomain upon the host’s domain name. Google ignores such sites, and you may find it difficult to attract visitors.