Reasons Why Websites Should Use Domain Hosting

Reasons Why Websites Should Use Domain Hosting

Reasons Why Websites Should Use Domain Hosting

In 2017 there were 330 million registered domains and 1 .8 billion websites according to the Netcraft Web Server Survey January 2017. With all these websites competing for space on the internet, the best option for sites today is to be unique. Domain hosting will give the business and an individual a chance to be just that, unique, among its other benefits. Free hosting websites will require your website name to be linked to their servers; therefore, to get to your website users will probably have to type in something like to access the website. This does not promote your brand the way you want. Web users will have a lot more confidence in your site if was and then straight to your website.

Dedicated Server

When using domain hosting, there is a server dedicated to hosting your website and its content full time. This means that the site does not have to share bandwidth with any other website. Uploading files to the website is faster, navigation and website load time are enhanced, and most companies which offer dedicated hosting have 24-hour tech support to assist the website owner. The dedicated server also improves the security of the website. With this hosting, only the user has the password to the server to make changes to the website or access user information. Data privacy is a major concern of internet users and most of us quickly close sites that look like they could compromise that privacy.


As mentioned earlier, branding plays a major role in your business success, especially after the rise of social media. Individuals and companies are doing more to sell success and be associated with success in a bid to be successful. A business manager would rather have an email like than the conventional richardbranson© With domain hosting this is possible. The added advantage is that the brand name, whether it is an individual name or company name is now able to go through SEO. The improved search engine ranking alone is enough to convince the user to get domain hosting.

Advertisements and website content

Domain hosting allows the website owner choose to all the content on the website. Free web hosting, on the other hand, puts you in a box of appeasement. The host tries to recoup the money not charged by placing advertisements on the websites which website owner cannot pull down. Most of these adverts are the clickbait adverts that redirect as soon as they are clicked. This is a situation that owners trying to sell success do not want. The adverts reduce website traffic and the clickbait’s lower search engine ranking.

 Domain hosting may require website owners to part with some money, but everyone who’s thinking about a website should take advantage of its benefits.