Add-on Domain; What You Need To Know

Add-on Domain; What You Need To Know

Add-on Domain; What You Need To Know

This article aims at enlightening you on add-on Domains, what they are, how to create and remove them and what happens when you create them.

Definition of an Add-on Domain

An add-on Domain is a kind of domain that is completely operational, but you create it from a control panel. Imagine having many hosting packages, and all of them share one control panel; In this case, you are in a position to create Qicklnstalls Installations, redirects, forwarders email addresses, among others — you simply do it just the same way as in your main domain account. The sole variation is that the server and the files share one control panel. You can get unlimited add-on Domains on HostGator. However, this does not include the Hatching plan.

How do Add-ons Domains Appear?

We look at how add-on Domains appear first for visitors or guests, and secondly, for FTP.

For guests;

There should not be proof of it being an add-on Domain when it is visited by incoming traffic. Instead, the add-on Domain operates independently without referring to the primary domain.

For FTP;

In an FTP scenario, the exclusively by the username will the add-on Domain be linked to the primary domain.

How does an Addon Domain Work?

Three things happen when a domain is created;  Creation of a folder in public_html directory ,Creation of a subdomain, for the primary domain. The subdomain is attached to the fresh folder.

Association of the new domain to the subdomain

All these occur automatically when you assign an add-on Domain to an account. This means you do not need to do anything more. All you have to do is to upload content to the add-on Domain.

Note: These three ways could access a similar directory as well as show similar website. Creating an add-on Domain;

First, you have to log in to the cPanel, under Domains, click add-on Domains. Your cPanel will ask you for three fields;

1. Fresh Domain Name

2. Directory/subdomain name, Username

3. Password — your secret key You need a short process when and if you want to remove an add-on Domain.


1.       After logging in to your cPanel, click on add-on Domains

2.       Check Actions at the bottom

3.       Click Remove’

Note: This process does not remove your Database.

Now you know the basics and essentials of add-on Domains. You may want to try it out and take advantage of the pros that come with added domains.

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