6 Cheap Web Hosting Websites that Cost Under $5/Month


Looking for cheap web hosting for your next online project? Here are 6 websites that offer web hosting services for less than $5 per month!

Today, finding cheap web hosting services is pretty easy. There are so many companies and websites that offer basic services around $10 per month which is quite affordable for every type of business, but if you do an extra research and dig a little bit deeper, you will be able to find web hosting service providers that offer their services for as little as $1 per month.

When working with cheap web hosting websites, you need to be extremely careful, as you can’t work with just any company or website. You need to make sure the company or the website is reliable and offer a support you can count on, in case a certain problem arises.

In this article, we are going to present you the cheapest web hosting companies and websites available, all priced at under $5 per month. For less than $5, you can run your own website, ecommerce site, blog or online business for the whole world to see.

All of the websites we are going to present to you today are shared web hosts, which is great if your website doesn’t have a lot of traffic. If you have big plans for your website, then you can always upgrade your hosting package and get dedicated hosting, which is quite expensive, but more appropriate for websites with heavy traffic. Let’s start:

1. 97cents.net – This is a very popular hosting website that has been hosting sites since 1996 which means you are in good hands as they perfectly know what they are doing. You probably are wondering how and why are they so cheap? Well, it is because they don’t offer unlimited features and unlimited anything. They focus on the features you need to run a website and by enforcing objective limits, they provide reliable services. The cost is $0.97 per month.

2. Viva la Revolution – This is just another great choice when it comes to cheap web hosting. The basic hosting plan costs $1 per month and if this package is too weak for you, there are 2 additional options $2 plan and $5 plan which are excellent for the price they offer.

cheap web hosting
cheap web hosting services

3. No Support Linux Hosting – This company offers cheap web hosting on Linux servers only, however, there is no support included in the package. The basic package deal will cost you $1 per month and we only recommend you to use this package or this website in general, if you have a previous experience and background with running and maintaining a website.

4. Watt Hosting – This company is actually the sister website of the company we mentioned earlier – 97cents. If 97 cents doesn’t quite meet your needs or preferences, Watt Hosting can offer you bigger plans. Their basic hosting plan costs $2.50 per month and they have 2 more plans which cost $5 per month and $7.50 per month.

5. A Small Orange – This is a relatively unknown hosting service provider however it is run by a team with a lot of experience and knowledge in reliability and performance. Their basic hosting package costs $2.92 per month.

6. Namecheap – This is probably the cheapest web hosting service provider on this list. Their hosting package for one year costs $9.88 or $0.82 per month. Their customer support is great.

So, which web hosting provider is right for you? First you have to determine your budget and needs and then choose a provider that meets those needs to buy domain you have most in mind for your project.

the cheapest web hosting companies

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